Rainer Helmes


I have a degree in electrical engineering (Diplom Ingenieur) of the University of Siegen. I am a professional value manager (VDI-Certificate) and H.D.I.®-Trainer.


The acronym MiFoMM - in German: Mittelstand Forum Menschen Märkte - can be translated and described as a platform to connect small companies - so called SME - both to each other and to their clients and markets,... and this makes the long story short.

Shaping the change

Like a phoenix from the ashes, every company has to reinvent itself from time to time; and this change is the greatest challenge and also offers the greatest opportunities.

I call it value-devops

I advise CTOs, CIOs and other IT responsibles mainly on cloud computing and microservices architectures. My methodical approach based on Value Management. DevOps engineering strategy based on values … I call it value-devops.

The slogan came into my mind when I first thought about a methodology called DevOps.

First and foremost DevOps is an artificial term formed from Development and Operation to indicate that small teams of Dev and Ops employees work together on a (micro-) product in order to significantly reduce the time to production stage.

But is DevOps actually a methodology? There are a lot of technical essays out there which suggest this conclusion. In my opinion it is usually misleading to use the term in the sense of a development framework like agile software development including scrum or kanban.

When a company decides to combine Dev and Ops and carry out the necessary restructuring, for which there are good reasons, then the search for suitable working methodology only begins. In my opinion there is a great chance in combining DevOps with a value based approach.

Brief CV

  • Current profession: value-devops consultant (specialized on cloud computing and microservices architectures)
  • 2005 - 2017: Managing Partner MiFoMM OHG (e-commerce)
  • 1995 - 2005: Small Business Consultant (IT networks, value management)
  • 1992-1999: Small Business owner (computer trade)
  • 1994: Certification as a “Wertanalytiker” (Value Manager)  by VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, Germany)
  • 1993: Diploma in electrical engineering - Diplom Ingenieur Universität


“If one does not know to which port to sail to, no wind is favorable.”