Rethinking MiFoMM

A fresh restart with @mifomm

MiFoMM is work in progress - why is that?

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2016 marks a major turning point in the history of my business ... and as far as MiFoMM is concerned the right approach is to call it a process rather than a project. Since MiFoMM started in 2006 a great deal has changed indeed.

Now - frankly spoken - I am rethinking the way I take advantageof the whole socal media thing.

Since the early 90s I have been working on the internet, properly speaking I have been using Internet-Technologies.

During that long period of time I have seen many changes both regarding to the way we work and to the tools we use, and I am strongly convinced that the biggest change is still to come.

As a consultant I develop a new and wider approach to help small and media sized companies - SME or SMB - to cope with the challenges of the forthcoming digital change.

To support and boost this process I set up both a German and an English Site. However, neither of these sites is a mere translation of the other one. For me it is important to change the perspective when I change the language.

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